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Getting it right the first time is what our customers expect from us. The Phibro Aqua team spent 25 years focused exclusively on fish & shrimp health management before marketing our first product. The products we bring to the market are efficient tools helping you to reach optimal productivity. Please contact the Phibro Aqua team for free consulting.



Phibro Aqua Products




PAQ-Gro is a unique, patented, proprietary nutritional specialty product for fish and shrimp diets.
It improves growth performance, FCR, survival rates and the overall health status of shrimp and fish during the hatchery, nursery and grow-out phases.



GemStone® products offers a line of chelated organic trace minerals (OTM), which includes zinc, manganese, copper and iron bound to amino acid glycine.

Replacing the inorganic salts with GemStone® can significantly increase fish growth rate and survival, parameters that are critical to enhance profitability.

Disclaimer: the indications, directions for use, dosage and restrictions contained in the product pages may or may not apply to each product as approved by the regulatory authority of your country. Please verify with the Phibro Aqua representative in your country.